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A couple weeks ago I asked Student Pastors for creative ways they involve their students in serving.  I compiled some of those ideas and put to paper some of our own.

Here is the work-in-progress product….

179 Students Can Get Involved Immediately

Get the Word document here → 179 Students Can Get Involved Immediately


Wednesday, February 3rd will be one of the best nights of the year at Epicenter as we welcome Clayton King and Chris Coleman to the stage. 

Clayton speaks around the world to over 200,000 people every year and is the founder of Crossroads Worldwide.  You can see more about Clayton here.

Chris Coleman led worship at Epicenter for nearly two years.  He is a regular at summer camp and our students love when he leads!  Find out more about Chris here.

We’re also giving away a night with the Revolution Bus to one lucky student and 11 friends.  Win it for prom. Win it for a birthday party. Win it for just a night out!  Find out more details and how you can get an extra chance to win the bus by going here.



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We had a fantastic time last night at leadership meeting. A great big thanks is in order for our coordinators who prepared two types of chili, taco soup, and sweet stuff (my personal favorite).

Check your folder this Sunday for the Leadership Meeting newsletter.

Here are a few things coming up for you to be aware of:

  • Freedom Event February 3rd @ Epicenter. Students can win the Revolution Bus for prom. See details here
  • Summer Camp 2010 in Cocoa Beach, FL June 7-12, 2010 | Registration begins Feb 10th
  • Open Night of Worship | Friday, January 22nd
  • Reclaim | Month of February in Sunday School (see below for details)

We also took a few minutes to review our Fall. Here are some of the stats

Here are the details of the Reclaim Emphasis coming up in February

Summary:  We will spend the month of February making a major emphasis on doing everything in our ability to reclaim students who have not attended the last month of class.

At the bottom left of this screen shot, change the “view mode” to scroll and view this powerpoint on the Reclaim Campaign.

I am blessed to serve with you guys!  Thanks for being the greatest group of volunteers on the planet!

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EINO Night 1

Matt Lawson —  January 14, 2010 — Leave a comment

Last night we kicked off this series.  Amazing night with 6 students praying to receive Christ and many students asking to be prayed over because they are struggling with depression, hurt, pain or suicide. 


Here are some of the comments from last night:

Jonny Day When followers of Jesus start gettin uncomfortable and people get hurt and broken, that’s when God moves.

 Corrie Elizabeth Biesecker –So beautiful, so beautiful. So beautiful the hand of God.

 Zach Riggs Amazing night tonight. So blessed to have such an awesome youth group!!

 Breanna Gilstrap hopes are rising with the sun; 

Kari Melton Day Loved seeing the crowds of students @ Epicenter & Planet Wdstk worshipping Jesus together & growing in His word tonight!

John Mark Cox Everything is not Ok . The sermon was what i needed most. Isaiah 53.

Here is the schedule from last night. One last word…Drama piece and bumper video were off the chain!! Great job guys!

0:03 6:40 Count Down 3 minute countdown
      Doors open @ end of countdown
0:04 6:43 Walk In Song I’m not alright
0:04 6:47 Giveaway T-Shirt Giveaway
      Give 3 away, the rest name on screen to pick up
      Techno music
0:04 6:51 Texting Survey “Did You Invite a Friend Tonight?”
      “I Know of Someone Struggling With…”
0:16 6:55 Worship You never let go
      Your love never fails
      Hands of the healer
      Everything falls
0:05 7:11 Drama Piece Going Under
0:03 7:16 Texting Survey “Honestly I’m Struggling With Some of…”
0:01 7:19 Bumper Video Everything Is Not Ok Bumper
0:30 7:20 Message Message – Does Anyone Care?
      Texting Survey
0:05 7:50 Invitation Song Everything Falls
      (Arms that hold the universe)
0:01 7:55 Close Matt Lawson 
      Choir This Sunday, NOW

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It’s time to go viral.  Let’s see how well you get the word out about our new series starting this coming Wednesday. 

 We’re choosing 15 people to win t-shirts who post this message to their Facebook or Twitter status. Ready, set, go…

The word is out on what’s going down this Wednesday at FBCW. Are you coming? Click here to find out


Who Are You Bringing?

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Beginning Wednesday, January 13th a power packed dose of truth and honesty in a riveting series titled:

Come. Bring a friend. Experience the power of change.

This brand new series starts Wednesday, January 13th at 6:45pm at First Baptist Woodstock on the high school side of the Warehouse.

Spread the Word. Win a T-Shirt

We’re giving away 15 free t-shirts between now and Wednesday, Jan. 13th for getting the word out. Here’s all you have to do to win:

1. Post the following message in your Facebook or Twitter status (if you’re on Twitter, you must follow @MattLawson77 and post with @MattLawson77 at the beginning)

The word is out on what’s going down this Wednesday at FBCW. Are you coming? Click here to find out

2. Posting more than once will give you more chances to win.

3. We will choose the winners randomly and give away t-shirts this Wednesday at Epicenter

Epicenter is the Wednesday night gathering of high school students in Metro Atlanta meeting at First Baptist Woodstock in the Warehouse. To find out more please visit

For directions to Epicenter, we recommend using and using the address 11905 Highway 92, Woodstock, GA 30188.

This coming Monday, December 21 @ 11am we will be unveiling a new series coming in January.  The series starts Wednesday, January 13th.

Over the course of the next three weeks, I’ll post highlights of the series, tell how you can be involved, let you know why we’re doing this series, and what we’re planning for the last week.

As an added bonus over the next three weeks, I’m giving away t-shirts that go with the series. We’re giving away several this Monday, Dec 21st. Read how you can win ↓.


All you have to do is leave a comment below this post. Keep it clean. Say something nice about Epicenter, your mom, or even just Merry Christmas. Spread the love. Tell your friends. Give them a chance to win a t-shirt this coming Monday as well.  I’ll post the winners with the announcement on Monday.

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How Do We Measure Ministry?

Matt Lawson —  December 17, 2009 — 2 Comments

Every quarter, our Education staff sits down to evaluate each of our ministries to determine where we are being effective. I know some pastors and staff may have serious heartburn over evaluating numbers. To each his own, but take note of a great leadership principle…”that which gets measured, gets done.”

Before you throw darts, know that we understand ministry is measured by more than sheer numbers.  Things like discipling and mentoring relationships, students staying connected to the local body after high school, students personally involved in reaching their friends and the world, students called to ministry, students involved in leadership and having a weekly ministry, students personally feeding from the Word of God, parental involvement, and students living in an obedient lifestyle are all critical to students becoming mature followers of Christ.

Here are the areas that we discuss at each quarterly meeting and then more in depth at our annual Education staff retreat:

Outreach: measured by contacts classified as a Mail, Telephone, or Visit as well as baptisms
Sunday School/Small Group: Attendance over the last three years
Secondary programs: Attendance over the last three years
Leadership: Attendance at monthly leadership meetings, number of teaching units, number of new classes started

1. Student ministry has been blessed again this year to see growth in every area in the first quarter of the school year
2. Student ministry averaged 1018 for the fall of 2009 in Sunday School
3. Number of adult volunteers has increased
4. We have baptized 72 students between the ages of 12-17 years old from August-November

1. While we have grown, it has been slower this year than in previous years.
2. Baptizing 72 students in four months is great, BUT there are incredibly too many students in our surrounding area to only see 72. We are not satisfied.
3. We must improve monthly leadership training
4. We must find a solution to connecting the dots between people saved and following through with baptism
5. We must do a better job of connecting those who visit our ministry and helping them plug into a small group

Pastors/Staff: What are the areas you measure?

FBCW Leaders/Students: How do we improve on the Bad News?

Christmas at Epicenter was smashing.  Great job by the team all around to plan and produce. 

You can see the script for Christmas @ Epicenter here

Sound check

Sound check again

Kyle Oneal leading our students

We gave the Christmas story in 3 parts…Jake Dudley and Craig McClure came over to help (Jake below)

Not a great pic from my phone, but Chelsea playing the harp and Jeremy on cello

Grab it here

Inside this edition of the RS Parent/Student newsletter:
+ Ideas for creating family traditions
+ An interview with Jamie Clements
+ Find out about the upcoming series at Epicenter
+ Find out what students really want for Christmas
+ Plus, reviews of the bands Flyleaf and Disturbed as well as the movie Avatar