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One of the items on my “bucket list” is to write a book.  There are currently two ideas on paper, one of which my wife is kicking me to get started on.  


I’ve been hesitant to start for two reasons.
1. Life is busy (so is everyone else that writes a book, so not really an excuse).
2. Until I think I have something that will contribute to someone’s life, ministry, or job, I would rather keep this blog and my money.

I turned 32 last month, and on that day I decided that I am going to take more risks in life and do things that I won’t regret when it’s too late.  So, I’ve been doing my research on writing a first book.  In the process, I came across Michael Hyatt’s blog.  He’s the CEO of Thomas Nelson Publishers and has a fantastic blog.

In one of his posts, Michael gives great advice for first time writers, including a link to “Writing a Winning Book Proposal.”  Both are great reads if you are considering writing a book.

Check out  Advice to First-Time Authors

Also, see Writing a Winning Book Proposal

Have you written a book?  In the process?  What advice do you have for first-time authors?