Summer Surge Day 1 – Monday

Matt Lawson —  May 29, 2012 — 2 Comments


Summer Surge 2012 has begun!!  From the moment the students stepped off the buses here in Myrtle Beach they have been filled with enthusiasm.  They quickly got their room assignments, headed to the meeting room for orientation and then it was a pizza for supper.  As the students began to fill the auditorium for worship it was obvious that this week is going to be amazing.  Matt lead a prayer time with our students on their knees.  Each individually praying for this week and all that is involved.  Our worship pastor this week is Jake Holman.  Jake has an ability to lead people to worship without calling attention to himself.  He, the Epicenter band and David Riddle played their hearts out tonight! 

Matt preached from the book of Joshua tonight.  He walked us through the whole book and talked about the glory of God.  He asked the students, “What if the glory of God mattered to you now, what could God do?”  He shared a personal story of time he spent in Denver and felt like he was in the wilderness and that God revealed to him through His word that this was about God and bring glory to Him and not about Matt feeling comfortable with where he was.   Matt’s prayer is that the glory of God will be in the heart of every student here!  To challenge the students even further with this Matt shared a new vision for Epicenter.  At the Warehouse we have started to reach 80-85% capacity on Wednesday nights but still desire to reach more students!  To make God’s glory known we will soon launch a secondary site for Epicenter in northern Cherokee County.  At this point we do not have location to hold this secondary site.  We will need another band, media team, adult and student volunteers.  We don’t have a lot of the details laid out yet but we do know we need lots of prayer!  Please begin to pray with us as we desire to reach our community! 

After the service the students go back to their rooms to prepare for Late Night.  It’s Monday night at camp so that means Team Competitions!!  The students dress in their team colors from head to toe and battle the opposing teams.  It was extremely loud in the auditorium tonight!  The students were full of energy (it’s obvious tonight is night one of four)!  Tonight was full of karaoke sing offs, Spam eating competitions and a group game of Heads or Tails.  At the end of the night we ended with Blue in first, Orange in second, Green in third and Red in fourth.  Some teams think it’s best to start strong and other teams strategize to come from behind, we will have to see what this week has in store. 

Here are some specifics to pray for:

  1. Open hearts for our students
  2. Our speakers for Tuesday, Bryan Bailey & Clayton King
  3. Weather (rain forecasted for Tuesday & Wednesday)
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    Thanks for the update, I would love to hear what’s been going on since Monday. Thanks!

  • Matt Lawson

    Sorry about that! Posted this morning along with videos! Thanks for following along!