Guest Post: Four Essentials For the Leader Who Leads Me

Matt Lawson —  December 21, 2011 — Leave a comment

If you could tailor make the attributes of the person that you directly answered to, what would they look like?  How would you shape them to best be able to connect with your heart and lead you and those you lead into greatness?  I’m grateful to serve with a pastor who understands me and allows me to be me while he calls me to walker deeper with Jesus. Here are a few of the qualities that I see as important from a leader who guides.

1. Clear expectations with regularly scheduled meetings.
I thrive in an environment of clearly defined expectations.  I’m not one who needs to be told everything to do but I love knowing where the target is that my supervisor wants me to aim for. The greatest problem with most relationships (both working & personal) is non-verbalized expectations. Meeting with my supervisor on a weekly or bi-weekly basis allows for clear communication to take place and it allows me to know if the direction I’m going fits the overall direction of the team.

2. Having a voice.
I’ve always felt that if I’m good enough to be on the team but not good enough to contribute ideas and concepts then I’m clearly not good enough for the team. One of the fastest ways to begin to chip away at the ‘mojo’ of a leader is to not include them in discussion about the direction of the church.  I’ve fortunate to serve with a team that values my opinion. 

3. The right to have open conversations.
I hate passive aggressiveness. If someone wants me to do something or has a problem with something I have done or I’m doing, just tell me. I love when I know that I don’t have to look for messages in an undercurrent of communication. It’s healthy to know that you can approach your supervisor if you disagree or have a problem with a direction (in the context of respect & knowing your own position) so that it can be further explained. No conversation should be off limits if you never lose sight of the fact that you guys are wearing the same jersey. Fear on a team will disable it eventually.

4. Regular “Atta boys”
All team members wonder from time to time how their supervisor sees them. A hand written note, a verbal “good job” in staff meeting or in front of church members goes a long way to build their self-esteem and leads to longevity. 

But don’t forget, it’s unrealistic and hypocritical if I desire to be led in these ways if I’m unwilling to lead those under me the same way.  Make a list today of what you would like in your leader and see if you measure up to the same standards.  It’s a marathon, so stick with it and trust God to continue to shape you into the leader that He has called you to be. 

What are a few qualities that are important to you?

Stephen Dervan is the Pastor to Students at Faith Baptist in Bartlett, TN. He also played Wayne in the movie Fireproof.Catch up with him on twitter or his blog, Cereality.


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