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Matt Lawson —  June 11, 2010 — 1 Comment

by Mindie Glidewell

God has given us beautiful days here in Cocoa Beach and beautiful time together.  This morning was a gorgeous morning as the students worshipped and did quiet time on the beach.

After a good breakfast they head to small group time and then morning worship.  Matt Tillman led the students in worship, and the room was truly filled with the Holy Spirit. 

Pastor Matt Lawson began by thanking The Goswicks, The Martins, The Nix and Blake Evans,  all for organizing, and taking care of all the details of camp allowing him to have time to fellowship with students, and he so appreciates being able to have such trustworthy servants!

Pastor Matt opened the word of God to 2 Peter 3:14, showing that The Word of God IS the VERY written Word of God, and it applies to our lives, our issues, no matter what circumstance we are heading home to.  At camp the schedule makes it easy to have quiet time with God, time is alloted, computers and phones removed, it is easy to draw closer to God, because that is the focus.  When we return to our lives back home, we must study God’s Word, not a book about the Bible, but the actual Bible.  God’s word is the authority in our life, so we MUST be deligent to study.  At one point Pastor Matt asked the students how many found this lesson basic, and most of the students  raised their hands. Then, he told them to not rasie their hands, but asked how many of those same students are spending daily time in the word.  The basics, are needed for all of us, no matter where we are in our walk, for the new believers, its precious new, for the committed students a reminder of what a gift the Word is. 

Pastor Matt gave them some steps: 1) MAKE the time, a daily habit of time, 2) HAVE a plan, don’t read randomly, and gave the website www.youversion.com as a great resource to set a Bible reading plan.  3) READ, he then told them to be sure to read, meditate, and apply the verses in their quiet time, not just read and check it off a list.

Brittany Brummel getting her serious Bible on after the service….


It is wonderful to see the young adults opening up, seeking counselors to pray with, and taking advantage of their time at camp.

Blake Evans giving instruction on how the day will go with the block party for the church we helped. 

After the meeting, the team competitions on the beach were next…Students headed to their rooms for last minute things.  Pastor Matt told them how the hotel had bragged on how incredible the students had been, that they had been the best group ever.  They represented Christ and FBCW so well….UNTIL too many piled into the elevator, maxed the weight limit and had to be rescued…

Chris Coleman keeps out of the tug of war, and knocks some tunes out on the ukulele.

Bring it on IN the ocean.  Tug of War is a camp tradition, and at FBCW it is done in the ocean.  The waves add an extra challenge.  We have done all we can to wear them out…

When they get home, give them a good meal, long sleep, but then sit down with your young adult, and ask them about camp, not just the team colors, but what God showed them, how their life is changed.

We will have to wait and see who win tonight!

Matt is an author, husband, dad, and the high school pastor at First Baptist Woodstock just outside Atlanta. He believes teenagers can love Jesus with all their heart and change the world for Him! For exclusive content, be sure to subscribe by email.

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  • Sherry Smith

    Thats my girl Amanda in the Green pulling in Tug of War!!! GO GREEN TEAM!!! WAHOO!!!